I’m a writer, podcaster and educator who helps people discover their worth, build self-belief and grow confidence.

I’m writing this from under a blanket in my flat in Surrey, UK. My partner is working away at his desk and Phoebe Bridgers’ voice is serenading me through my headphones. If I had to describe my happy place, this would probably be it.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. In fact when I was first asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said ‘an author’ with confidence and conviction. And while I haven’t penned any books (yet) I have made a living from words.

When I was a teenager, I’m pretty sure they saved my life. I…

Why is it when we talk about our relationship with food, we forget about the romance?

*Content warning: This article mentions eating disorders*

Do you remember your first food love? Mine was chocolate spread, Nutella specifically. Every now and then as a child I would unwrap my cling-film-covered sandwiches at school and grin when the scent of hazelnuts, cocoa and sugar hit my nostrils. Today is a good day, I would think to myself before taking that first bite.

Our relationships with food are often complicated and mine is no different. Food is a difficult thing, after all. We must have it in our lives, whether we want to or not. There’s no getting away from…

A look at how intentional dressing can increase creative thinking and boost productivity when working from home.

Mirror image of a woman with eyes closed and a yellow graphic shape
Mirror image of a woman with eyes closed and a yellow graphic shape

As I sleepily stumbled towards my wardrobe recently, I reached for my what had become my go-to working from home uniform — pyjama bottoms and the biggest jumper I could find. Pulling it on, I felt cocooned, safe, but also sleepy. Squinting at my computer as it fired up I simply wasn’t mentally prepared for what the day would bring.

Things haven’t always been this way. Back when I was office-based, pre-coronavirus, I revelled in choosing my outfit for work. Fingering each garment I would muse on which combination would make me walk taller and smile broader. I’ve always had…

A guide to reaching out when you’re having a tough time.

It’s always scary admitting that you’re struggling but as I keep learning again and again — it is always worth it.

This could be when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It could be when you think your mental health is at stake. It could be when you suspect a relapse is on the horizon.

The fact is, whether you have a long-term mental health condition or are feeling a bit run down — we all need to reach out for support sometimes. But how do we actually do that?

In some cases it can be incredibly hard — especially if…

A look back at how my paranormal pals helped me quash anxiety.

A woman standing behind a white see-through curtain.
A woman standing behind a white see-through curtain.

Closing my eyes, taking deep breaths and concentrating incredibly hard I “called” my ghost friends to be by my side. Visualising a parting in the clouds and a beam of light, they materialised whenever I needed them. I’d tell them my secrets, ask for advice or just hang out. I was somewhere between the ages of eight and 10 and my parents were worried about me.

One moment during this time sticks in my memory. My mum was innocently making her way to sit next to me on a beanbag. I gasped and shouted “No! My kitten’s sitting there!”. She…

Kat Nicholls

I’m a writer, podcast host and self-worth educator who likes to discuss believing in ourselves and creativity. Find out more at https://bluejayofhappiness.com/

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